A Solicitor’s Office known for aggressive prosecution… integrity above reproach… innovation in the areas of communication, accountability, and victim’s rights… a common sense approach to achieving our central goal: Making Charleston and Berkeley counties safer places to live and work. In my opinion, vision statements are too often developed and forgotten. That’s why in developing my vision for the Ninth Circuit Solicitor’s Office I focused on specifics… concepts that I believe, based on 15 years experience, can and will make a difference.


To that end, let me outline a few of the changes I have made since taking office. These accomplishments will serve the public for generations to come:

1) Ended a virtual stalemate and helped create a centralized Criminal Domestic Violence Court, thus providing more protection for victims of family violence. See attached news story.

2) Implemented steps to close the “revolving door” that allowed habitual offenders to post bond, then commit more crimes while awaiting trial. See attached news story.

3) Created a Special Victim’s Unit exclusively to handle cases involving children and vulnerable adults; the SVU includes both a dedicated investigator and a supervisory position for both Charleston and Berkeley Counties.

4) Developed a new agency-based prosecution structure, which pairs specific prosecutors to specific law enforcement agencies. This system has already catalyzed superior communications between investigators and prosecutors, and thus ensures all members of the team “remain in the loop” throughout a case.

5) Identified weaknesses within the Solicitor’s Office relating to juvenile court in Berkeley County—where the situation had been less that satisfactory; assigned a seasoned juvenile prosecutor to supervise the revamping of the current system.

6) Launched the development of a Berkeley County Drug Court. This is an effective, new approach used by prosecutors and law enforcement throughout the nation. “Drug Court” is an alternative court which breaks the cycle of drug offender recidivism.

7) Organized the launch of Worthless Checks Units, in order to help the many small business owners who fall prey to those who repeatedly write bad checks.

8) Implemented new, aggressive murder docketing, which has significantly increased the number of murderers brought to justice. See attached news story.